Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making Time

There aren't enough hours in the day, that's what we've all said at some point. There aren't enough hours in the day to get all of our work done, to stay in touch with our friends, to pursue those dreams we've been talking about for years. And lately, I'm finding more and more men I date without the hours in the day to spend with me.

These men want to get a higher degree or want to get to a higher position in their company, and they tell me that they would really like to spend time with me, they would, it's just that, well they don't have the time. I call bullshit on them usually silently at first and then with a laugh after. I tell them it's fine, I get it, and then I call them names over drinks with my girlfriends. But I've been wondering lately about my own time management. A few years ago my roommate and I recovered our couch, I sewed the back and seat covers and felt so gratified looking and and sitting on something I'd done. Since then, I haven't sewn at all. Why, when I enjoyed it so much, when I got such joy out of it, can I not seem to find the time to pursue it?

I like to think that I'm like that for those guys: something nice they just can't seem to fit into their lives. We make choices every day about how we'll spend out time, whether we're conscious of it or not. That extra hour in bed, that second drink, that fight with your boyfriend: how do we spend our time? And how reflective is it of the life we do and do not want to lead? Ahh, too much thinking, where's that second drink?

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